New Year…New things!!

It has been a whirl-wind in our 1-year-old class, Doobonim!  We had a fabulous fall, full of all things pumpkin and Thanksgiving themed.  Our Little “Pumpkins” at the Thanksgiving Program put on a great show…We were so proud of them!  We moved on to Hanukkah, where sang songs about lighting the menorah, spinning dreidels and Judah and the Maccabees.  Our very first ever, Hanukkah Workshop, was a huge success!  Parents had a chance to visit their little one in their class, learn something about the holiday as well an interactive activity…they continued to move through all three classrooms, learning something new as they went, and ended up all together in the Indoor Playroom to nosh on yummy latkes our littles help make and jelly donuts!

Over the last few months, we have also had some changes, all good because we are GROWING and our “family” is getting bigger:)

We welcomed our new Doobonim Assistant, Ms. Brooke, and cannot say enough good things about her!  She is caring, lovely and completes our Doobonim Team.

New students are also being incorporated to our classroom.

Just look at these pictures. They “SAY” it ALL!!!!

Thank you for all you do!


Ms. Billie & Ms. Brooke