L’Shana Tovah!

It has been a GREAT month in Doobonim!  The baby bears have been busy, busy, busy with painting, P.E., nature walks, art observing and learning about all of the Jewish High Holidays…Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, and Simchat Torah.  These baby bears are learning and growing..all of the time 🙂

Our favorite time of the day 🙂
“Itsy Bitsy Spider”
Our class pet, “Peanut” the dwarf hamster!
All-Preschool Shabbat in the synagogue sanctuary


Story time and bubbles are also a favorite among our class.

img_4157 img_4030

Our sensory experiences include, but not limited to: playing with oats, squishing play dough, petting our soft class pet, Peanut the Hamster, and getting our feet painted with cold, wet paint to make keepsake art work 🙂

img_4036 img_4042 img_4032 img_4113 img_4115 img_4119 img_4110

For Rosh Hashanah, it was ALLLLL about apples, honey and Shofars! We used all of our senses to observe them. We smelled apples,  felt them to feel how hard they are, and we looked at them to compare and contrast different sized apples and different colors. We also tasted the sweet treats for snack almost daily 🙂

img_4339 img_4335 img_4332 img_4254 img_4239 img_4248 img_4243 img_4224 img_4233 img_4221 img_4219



“Apples with Abba” was a fun time had by all! Abba’s (Daddy’s) were welcomed to our classroom to stamp with real apples with their preschooler, but of course, mommies, grandmas and grandpas were welcomed with open arms 🙂  We also made honey cake in class, with the help of our little chefs of course!

img_4392 img_4383 img_4385 img_4365 img_4373

img_4307 img_4306 img_4301 img_4304

Doobonim-ers got dirty with finger paint too! They got to smear around red, yellow and green paint to make big, beautiful apples…their own works of art!

img_4410 img_4407 img_4406 img_4405 img_4404


It has just started cooling off enough for our little class to venture outside. Our gross motor skills are taking off! We are climbing, sliding, running, jumping, digging and having a BLAST while doing it 🙂 P.E. class is also fine tuning our physical agility.

img_4359 img_4356 img_4355 img_4352 img_4350 img_4262 img_4266 img_4196 img_4073 img_4066 img_4193 img_4192 img_4189 img_4139 img_4140

In the 1 year old class, we are BIG into Art! Our entire building (synagogue, Day School {elementary & middle school} and preschool) is the perfect place to look at the different creations created by our Galinsky Academy Family 🙂 We talk about shapes, colors, people, places, things…your little ones soak it all in…it’s our own little museum.

Day School art (Kindergarten)
Our very own preschool art!

img_4278 img_4276

Until next time from the Doobonim team…Todah Rabah!  “Thank you” for all you do!!