September Doobonim 1 News

We have had a very busy September!

We’ve been learning about Rosh Hashanah as well as doing many many arts projects.  We made apples, we made shofars, apple trees, apple prints.

The children have adjusted very well.  We have two new walkers in our room!  Even our youngest is now  standing.

In Gardening, we planted seeds and watered the plants.  In Jewish Studies we sang songs for the Jewish holidays, in music the children love to play with the colorful scarves– it’s their favorite!  In science we built bridges using rectangular shaped blocks and as the brand new striped goldfish in the science room.

We are getting a new friend on Monday– it’s a boy!

Next week, we will be making  chains for the sukkah, and the following week we will make flags for Simchat Torah.

Wishing you an easy fast and a sweet new year.

Thank you again to all our parents for being so supportive of our class!

Reminder:  Open House Oct 10 and 7:15-8:30pm

The next two weeks are short weeks!  No school Thur/Fri

Welcome Doobonim!

Doobonim has had a wonderful start to the school year!
All of the children are adjusting really well and are getting to know their new friends as well as their new classroom.
We have been very busy with art projects, singing, dancing, and enjoying our specials; Jewish Studies, Science, Music, and Shabbat on Friday.
We look forward to a wonderful school year.
Please check Tadpoles for daily updates.
Thank you to our wonderful parents for allowing us to spend time with your beautiful children.
Miss Fran & Miss Fira