November/December News

I apologize to everyone for not receiving the November Blog. Due to computer issues it was done but never made it to all of you.

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. We were very busy during November preparing for our feast as well as our wonderful program, and making art projects.

December has been just as exciting.  We have been talking about Hanukkah, singing and dancing to Hanukkah songs. The children have been working very hard to make special Hanukkah surprises. We have been rehearsing for our Hanukkah Program, Wednesday, December 13th at 6:00 pm.


* The weather is quickly changing, please send in weather appropriate clothing for your children.  If the weather becomes warmer we can change your child into lighter clothing.

* The last day of school will be Friday, December 22nd at 12:00 and Kids Club until 5:00. and Winter break will begin Monday, December 25ththrough Friday January 5th. We will return to school on Monday, January 8th.

We hope you have a wonderful holiday filled with family, friends and love.

Thank you for allowing us to spend time with your children.


October Doobonim 1 News

Dear Parents,

October was busy with all the Jewish
Holidays with many days off from school. Our children have had so many new milestones. New walkers and many more talkers. We are now back into a regular routine and ready to begin all of our fun fall projects. We will talk about colors of fall, pumpkins, harvest and of course Thanksgiving.  We look forward to another great month in our classroom.


*Parent/ Teacher Conferences.
(If there are any other conflicts, please let me know)

*Please look at the notes in Tadpole for any diapers, etc that are needed for your child.

*Since this is my first fall in Florida, and not sure how cold it may get here, I am thinking the children might need to bring in a light jacket or sweater for the colder days.

Thank you again for allowing us to spend time with your amazing children.

Miss Fran
Miss Fira

September Doobonim 1 News

We have had a very busy September!

We’ve been learning about Rosh Hashanah as well as doing many many arts projects.  We made apples, we made shofars, apple trees, apple prints.

The children have adjusted very well.  We have two new walkers in our room!  Even our youngest is now  standing.

In Gardening, we planted seeds and watered the plants.  In Jewish Studies we sang songs for the Jewish holidays, in music the children love to play with the colorful scarves– it’s their favorite!  In science we built bridges using rectangular shaped blocks and as the brand new striped goldfish in the science room.

We are getting a new friend on Monday– it’s a boy!

Next week, we will be making  chains for the sukkah, and the following week we will make flags for Simchat Torah.

Wishing you an easy fast and a sweet new year.

Thank you again to all our parents for being so supportive of our class!

Reminder:  Open House Oct 10 and 7:15-8:30pm

The next two weeks are short weeks!  No school Thur/Fri

Welcome Doobonim!

Doobonim has had a wonderful start to the school year!
All of the children are adjusting really well and are getting to know their new friends as well as their new classroom.
We have been very busy with art projects, singing, dancing, and enjoying our specials; Jewish Studies, Science, Music, and Shabbat on Friday.
We look forward to a wonderful school year.
Please check Tadpoles for daily updates.
Thank you to our wonderful parents for allowing us to spend time with your beautiful children.
Miss Fran & Miss Fira

Welcome.. let’s stay in touch!

We would like to welcome all of our ‘baby bears’ to our Doobonim 1 Class.  We are excited to get to know you and watch you grow.

There are many ways that you can stay connected to your child(ren)’s class!

This blog will be updated periodically with classroom info.  It’s a great place to find out about some of the activities and programming that we offer.  Your teachers may also send periodic emails with classroom info as well.

The DuBow Preschool and Martin J. Gottlieb Day School also send out a weekly email to keep everyone updated with school happenings.  You can see an example of this email HERE.  If you are not receiving these emails, please email for additional assistance.

If you enjoy social media, you can follow the DuBow Preschool on Facebook or Instagram for quick photos and information.

Let’s have an amazing year!

New Year…New things!!

It has been a whirl-wind in our 1-year-old class, Doobonim!  We had a fabulous fall, full of all things pumpkin and Thanksgiving themed.  Our Little “Pumpkins” at the Thanksgiving Program put on a great show…We were so proud of them!  We moved on to Hanukkah, where sang songs about lighting the menorah, spinning dreidels and Judah and the Maccabees.  Our very first ever, Hanukkah Workshop, was a huge success!  Parents had a chance to visit their little one in their class, learn something about the holiday as well an interactive activity…they continued to move through all three classrooms, learning something new as they went, and ended up all together in the Indoor Playroom to nosh on yummy latkes our littles help make and jelly donuts!

Over the last few months, we have also had some changes, all good because we are GROWING and our “family” is getting bigger:)

We welcomed our new Doobonim Assistant, Ms. Brooke, and cannot say enough good things about her!  She is caring, lovely and completes our Doobonim Team.

New students are also being incorporated to our classroom.

Just look at these pictures. They “SAY” it ALL!!!!

Thank you for all you do!


Ms. Billie & Ms. Brooke

















L’Shana Tovah!

It has been a GREAT month in Doobonim!  The baby bears have been busy, busy, busy with painting, P.E., nature walks, art observing and learning about all of the Jewish High Holidays…Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, and Simchat Torah.  These baby bears are learning and growing..all of the time 🙂

Our favorite time of the day 🙂
“Itsy Bitsy Spider”
Our class pet, “Peanut” the dwarf hamster!
All-Preschool Shabbat in the synagogue sanctuary


Story time and bubbles are also a favorite among our class.

img_4157 img_4030

Our sensory experiences include, but not limited to: playing with oats, squishing play dough, petting our soft class pet, Peanut the Hamster, and getting our feet painted with cold, wet paint to make keepsake art work 🙂

img_4036 img_4042 img_4032 img_4113 img_4115 img_4119 img_4110

For Rosh Hashanah, it was ALLLLL about apples, honey and Shofars! We used all of our senses to observe them. We smelled apples,  felt them to feel how hard they are, and we looked at them to compare and contrast different sized apples and different colors. We also tasted the sweet treats for snack almost daily 🙂

img_4339 img_4335 img_4332 img_4254 img_4239 img_4248 img_4243 img_4224 img_4233 img_4221 img_4219



“Apples with Abba” was a fun time had by all! Abba’s (Daddy’s) were welcomed to our classroom to stamp with real apples with their preschooler, but of course, mommies, grandmas and grandpas were welcomed with open arms 🙂  We also made honey cake in class, with the help of our little chefs of course!

img_4392 img_4383 img_4385 img_4365 img_4373

img_4307 img_4306 img_4301 img_4304

Doobonim-ers got dirty with finger paint too! They got to smear around red, yellow and green paint to make big, beautiful apples…their own works of art!

img_4410 img_4407 img_4406 img_4405 img_4404


It has just started cooling off enough for our little class to venture outside. Our gross motor skills are taking off! We are climbing, sliding, running, jumping, digging and having a BLAST while doing it 🙂 P.E. class is also fine tuning our physical agility.

img_4359 img_4356 img_4355 img_4352 img_4350 img_4262 img_4266 img_4196 img_4073 img_4066 img_4193 img_4192 img_4189 img_4139 img_4140

In the 1 year old class, we are BIG into Art! Our entire building (synagogue, Day School {elementary & middle school} and preschool) is the perfect place to look at the different creations created by our Galinsky Academy Family 🙂 We talk about shapes, colors, people, places, things…your little ones soak it all in…it’s our own little museum.

Day School art (Kindergarten)
Our very own preschool art!

img_4278 img_4276

Until next time from the Doobonim team…Todah Rabah!  “Thank you” for all you do!!





Doobonim 2016/2017!!

Circle Time very morning
Circle Time Every Morning 🙂


Snack Time!
Snack Time!

Welcome to PRESCHOOL Doobonim students and parents! We are off to an amazing start! These sweet one-year-olds have already settled into their new classroom and adjusted to Ms. Britnie and I nicely 🙂 They are all amazing and unique in their own way and we are already over-the-moon about them!

IMG_3794 IMG_3803 IMG_3804 IMG_3805

Our theme for the first two weeks has been all about “Back to School”. We have been learning one another’s names, finding out about each other and adjusting to our classroom routines.  Doobonim has been singing “The Wheels on the Bus”….A lot 😉 This song not only goes along with our “back to school” theme, it incorporates a portion of our curriculum from Foundations for Success, “opposites”…as in “the windows on the bus go UP and DOWN” and “the doors on the bus go OPEN and SHUT”. The amazing part about our curriculum is the little’s don’t even know they are learning; it is just fun to them 🙂

IMG_3809 IMG_3814 IMG_3815


For gross motor skill development we have been moving and grooving to songs (some of these guys are dancing machines!), making little trips to the playground to run and slide (it is still very hot and we do not stay out for too long) and enjoying P.E. with coach Jackie on Tuesdays!

IMG_3818 IMG_3819 IMG_3825 IMG_3830


We experimented with sensory activities (which also develop fine motor skills) like finger painting with shaving cream, squishing play doh, and getting our tiny hands painted with cold, wet paint to make a special handprint! We have also practiced holding a crayon, putting it to paper and using dotting markers.

P.E. fun!
P.E. fun!
looking handsome while not being "into" shaving cream ;-)
looking handsome while not being “into” shaving cream 😉


P.E. Time!
P.E. Time!


IMG_3843 IMG_3844 IMG_3847


We have lucky patcher enough to also celebrate not one, but TWO birthdays our first week of school! HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY to two, very sweet boys, Brody and Nathaniel!

IMG_3853 IMG_3854 IMG_3861


Resources are another amazing part of our days at DuBow Preschool. We have Jewish Studies with Morah Rachel and Morah Miriam every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. There, the little ones are introduced to Hebrew words of the week, morning prayers, blessings, and fun songs that teach them about Jewish holidays and Jewish “ways”.

IMG_3862 IMG_3863 IMG_3867 IMG_3868


We have Music class with Ms. Zina on Thursdays. The children love to hear her beautiful piano playing and listen to her fun songs. They really get into it!! Soon, they be dancing all over the room 😉

IMG_3873 IMG_3875


Ms. Amanda does science and gardening. It has been too hot and muddy to go out this week, so she brought the fun to us! Last week she brought in a baby lizard from the garden for your little’s to see and this week she brought in OObleck! They loved to watch it stretch and ooze…and roll into a ball!


IMG_3976 IMG_3954 IMG_3953 IMG_3922 IMG_3934 IMG_3937 IMG_3938 IMG_3941 IMG_3935 IMG_3930

Please never hesitate to email us with any questions or concerns 🙂  We are looking forward to a fun and enlightening year with these amazing little people!


Best and warmest wishes,

Ms. Billie & Ms. Britnie


Important Reminders:


Wednesday August 31:         PTA Meeting- Neil F. Portnoy Youth Lounge -8:30 a.m.

Monday September 5:           School Closed/No Kids Club – Labor Day

Thursday September 8:        Back to School Night – Parents Only 7pm


Gan Shabbat-11:15am every Saturday


Gan Shabbat is a fun, family-friendly children’s Shabbat service held right here in the preschool! It takes place in the indoor playroom every Saturday morning at 11:15am and it is geared towards all of our preschool-aged children, infant through VPK. Every week it is lead by an amazing volunteer varying from preschool teachers, member of the synagogue clergy, a parent or another beloved member of our congregation. Parents are able to hang out with their children while we sing fun Shabbat songs, say prayers, march with torahs, read Shabbat stories and finish the morning of with Kiddush, where we bless the grape juice and challah…and then eat it! Come and join us, meet new people and start a Shabbat service tradition for your little one!


Parents are welcome to lead this service! We have training packets and will have a Gan Shabbat leader training session later in the fall. Please contact Billie McNett if you are interested.



Welcome Spring Time! 💐

It’s so hard to believe it’s already spring time! The flowers are starting to bloom and butterflies are fluttering everywhere outside, we’re even taking care of some of our own if you haven’t heard. It’s been almost two weeks since our little friends, the caterpillars came crawling into class and before we even had a chance to blink they weren’t little caterpillars anymore but chrysalises! Soon we hope to see the butterflies flying around our own little butterfly net, at least for the first few days before we release them!

image image image image image image

Speaking of changes have you had a chance to spend the afternoons outside!? We know that Ms. Billie and Ms. Melissa have so many fun things planned for us each an everyday, but we can’t spend all day inside doing work! So we make sure to remind them that we need some important play time outside each an everyday. Some days we need those heavy coats, but lately it’s been perfect!


Late last month we had the opportunity to learn all there is about outer space! Comets and planets were on the agenda and we got to color our very own rocket! Curious George had a chance to complete a very important mission into space, taking his very own rocket for a spin in space! 3, 2, 1! BLAST OFF!

image image image image image

It’s very important to thank our friends and family everyday, but we learned that we have more than them to thank. Community helpers are always there when we need them the most, from the police men that helps us cross the street, to the fire fighter who keeps us safe by instructing us how to act when there’s a fire! Some of us may choose to be a doctor to help people or a veterinarian to help our four legged friends. All we can say is thank you for all the work you do for us in the community and thanks for letting us take a look from your point of view, we sure have some big shoes to fill when we grow up!



While we’re waiting for our caterpillar friends to morph into butterflies, Ms. Amanda showed up with another surprise! With spring comes new life and each class was presented with our very own chicken egg! Now we know what you might be thinking and no it’s not for breakfast, our egg friends are sitting in this contraption called an incubator, kind of like a little oven to keep them warm like they were with their mommy. From what we heard it takes 21 days from the eggs to turn into chick and we’re just passed the half way mark! We can’t wait to meet our new egg-cellent friends! Now all we have to do now is think of a good name, any suggestions?


Last but not least we have two holidays just around the corner! One’s coming up quicker than we imagined and we’re finishing up and getting ready for it. PURIM! We’ve prepped masks and groggers. We even had time to make some Hamentashen, boy were they yummy! We managed to save some and take it home to our families. We look forward to dress up with the whole school and march in a parade, it’s such an exciting time! What will we wear!?

image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image

Purim is great fun and all but an even more important celebration is just at our door step: Passover. We have a lot of preparations to do in a short time but it’s sure to be one we won’t forget!

New Year time is soon to kick in. We must get ready to graciously welcome it. On the count of last seconds of the year, we welcome a brand New Year by sending best New Year 2017 wallpaper and messages.

That about wraps it up! So good-bye for now from the Doobonim class!


We have FUN….AND learn!


We have been so busy in Doobonim!  We have had the pleasure to welcome not one, but TWO new friends to our class!  We are already totally smitten with little Vivienne and Mark 🙂  Welcome to our family!





After all of the Hanukkah celebrations, BRRRRR!  It got cold!  We had four weeks of “winter” themed fun 🙂  We made snowflakes, played with “snow” ( frozen shaving cream), had a “snow day” at school and tried on warm clothes like scarves and gloves.  In doing all of this, we were able to compare cold and warm, learn about what animals live in the snow and work on our motor skills!


After the frost left, we “drove” into the theme “Transportation”……by land, sea and air!  We played with a toy boat in real water to compare things that float and sink, made a painting by driving a real toy car in paint to make tracks, glued triangles down to make colorful sailboats, and stamped our footprints to make them into airplanes!

Please enjoy the pictures of all of our fun times….


Shaving cream-sensory fun!
Stamping circles to make snowmen.
Our “snow”. Frozen shaving cream! It felt like the real thing!
Brrrr! “Snow”!
Gluing real yarn to make a cozy sweater!
Horray for snow day!!!
Veggies from our garden
Will it float or sink?!

image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image